Here's What We Do Better

D&W is a team of multicultural, multinational and
multi-discipline professionals who believe in diversity
and transparency to create honest brands. Always for
a look out for fresh ideas, combined with the attention
to detail and industry expertise, allows us to understand
client’s requirements and market.
Brand Strategy
At last, you’ll know what you stand for and see a clear path forward. Behind every great brand is a thoughtful strategy. Using our Growth Algorithm™ and a detailed understanding of your firm, we position you against key competitors and create that hook that will stick in buyers’ minds.
Campaign Planning
To create a digital campaign that can deliver on your business objectives, you need an understanding of how multiple digital channels work together and complement each other. Creating joined up online marketing campaigns that will stand out against the competition requires the understanding of how different channels interact, work together and support each other.
Digital strategy
Digital strategy that guides your business from inception to completion. Creating and applying digital strategy requires a comprehensive approach that reviews every aspect of your business and current online presence. Thorough research and analysis follow, ensuring that opportunity is clearly defined from the outset.
Brand Identity
Your visual brand creates critical impressions in the marketplace. As we design your brand identity, we will consider your positioning, brand architecture and any opportunities in the marketplace to set your firm apart — then tackle your new logo, tagline, stationery and brand style guidelines.
Web development
By using the latest coding practices, embracing new technologies and complying with industry standards we build websites that are reliable, stable and robust.
Digital Design
Digital design is more than just building a website. Your digital ecosystem is your most crucial lead conversion and sales tool. It requires careful planning and consideration into decisions on navigation, user flow, calls to action, information architecture, and content strategy.
Brand Communication
Brand communications are designed to successfully connect your brand to your customers. Understand your goals, develop the ideas and then craft the design and and build the sophisticated brand tools you need to take your brand strategy to the marketplace.
Website Design/UI/UX
When it comes to a new website, you need to ensure that users are at the forefront of your thinking. Through data review and user interaction, we can be the voice of the user in your website project.
Social Media Marketing
Being active on social platforms is about more than just status updates and tweets. Applying proven strategies and techniques can achieve meaningful, measurable commercial objectives and help your business grow by boosting brand awareness, attracting quality web traffic, Creating leads, driving sales, generating significant ROI.
Environmental Branding
Branding your space gives you more opportunities to connect with your customers. Mini-experiences allow this to happen at multiple levels. In turn, this creates a deeper connection from the customer to the brand.